Google Now has a major update for iOS


Google Now, the powerful tool that drives Google Search in the most intelligent way has got a major update for iOS. Android freely enjoyed a lot of stuff Google Now had to offer thanks to Google’s homemade recipe exclusively for Android.

Google Now on the iOS was just like Google Now on Android, it could pull up weather information based on your current location. And on it’s own it could give you directions from home to somewhere you would often visit. It gave your scorecard of your favourite teams and so on. But you still could not ask Google Now “What is the weather like today?”.
With the latest update you can talk to Google Now on the iOS just like you can on the Android devices. It gives you all the information you need. It can also tell you about the movies that are going around you, info about something you must have searched on the Google Maps. It is really amazing how Google Now can learn from what you search and give you the information about it.

It not only sends you the “cards” about things you search but also about things Google Now thinks would interest you. Recently I got a card for an article about Modi’s win in the biggest election in the world because Google Now realizes I live in India and it is the biggest news of 2014 so far. Anyway we saw that coming. Google Now would do the same with people you search about or gadgets, virtually anything it can track.
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Be cool with Google Now iOS users, now Siri has an awesome friend. Well they detest each other but you can make the jealousy work. I wonder how Siri feels about this one.


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