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It seems like the samllest of leaks and most of the rumours tend to be all true. It spoils the excitement but yeah, deal with it. The latest one coming up is the Android Wear. We had snapshots and rumour of a Google Smartwatch to be produced by LG. Guess what? That is happening. But not with LG alone, the other participant will be Motorola. That is pretty amazing.

Android Wear

Moto 360

Google has gone out to develop an special Android OS for just the wearable like the smartwatch. What they could possible use it except for smartwatch is still undetermined. The desgin of the wearable will differ from company to company and we are still unaware if they will have a different UI as well, most probably yes because that will be what keeps the 2 distinct.
Goolge will now be able to track you better in everyway. You can get your fitness right on your wrist, directions right on your wrist and with the all Google integration, virtually any information there is- on your wrist. Apple is under the pump now, they were supposed to have done this last year but they are rather waiting it out. Let us see what goes through on that side.

LG’s smartwatch is not named but the Motorola’s is called the Moto 360. Have a look here in the video to know more about it.

Google Android Wear in their own words and philosophy:


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