Frontback Camera App Review

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Seems like the Samsung’s Dual Camera feature was not that great afterall. There is a new app in the market that is doing the same thing just cleaner and better. Frontback App is a camera app that lets you take both the front and the back photographs and use it in that one frame. If you want you can just choose both the upper and lower photos of the same side- back or front.
frontback app
You can also flip the photo horizontally if you want to. Frontback is more or less like Instagram where you can follow people and they can follow you. You can exlpore and share using @s and #s. I really think more than the front-back photos Frontback Camera App is going to be a success using the frame for both the same sided photos.

Frontback App is really responsive and very fluent in navigating and flipping through the images you want to explore. I would say it is much neatly done than the Instagram app which I would say lacks functionality and fluidity compared to Frontback. I would really ask you guys to give this photo app a shot and you will surely enjoy it.
frontback app
Frontback is available on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store i.e iOS and Android.


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