Free Roblox Robux generator Hack


Roblox is definitely an addictive piece of online game. But your gameplay can hit a pleateau if you don’y have enough robux and tix in your account.

There are several ways you could acquire free roblox and tix. When you gradually advance through levels, you are awarded with a certain amount of robux and tix. The amount you receive increase with the levels you are able to cross. There are a lot of website on internet these days that claim to be hosting free robux generator and roblox hacks but trust me on this , none of them are anything but scams. I am yet to find a working roblox hack that can actually generate roblox robux for free. Even if there were glitches in the game, hacking of games is not only unethical but also destroys the gist of the game.
Disclaimer: There are no working robux generators or roblox hack or tricks to get free robux whatsoever. The hack below is just an inspect element hack for displaying free robux in your account just for you to brag in front of your friends.
Okay now, let me  show you this neat free hack that you can use to display any amount of robux in your account.

Steps for Free Robux Generating Hack

  1. Login to your roblox account in your chrome broswer and you will see a screen like this.
  2. On the top right corner of your roblox account screen you can see that dollar like green symbol which displays the amount of roux you have in your account. Damn, i just have zero robux in my account. But we are soon going to change that. You need to right click on that green robux sign and select inspect from the menu that pops up. After you click the inspect button, you will see a screen like the one below.
  3. You are doing great till now. Now you see that split window on the right, that is where is real magic is. The code on the right side allows us to hack into roblox and generate as much robux as we need for us to display on our account. The relevant piece of  code here is the one that is highlighted in the image above. You need to double click the number 0 after amount and fill it with the number of robux you want to be displayed in your roblox account. I just filled it with 99999.
  4. You can now go ahead and close the split window of code in the right side of your browser. When you come back to your account, voila, this is what you see.
  5. Congratulations, we have just managed to hack the roblox screen to get 99999 robux in your account. Now all you need to do is show the screenshots to your friends and be the dude of the group. Go try this robux hack yourself and get amazed. Stay tuned for future gadget and games hacks


Author: Prashant Bhardwaj

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