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Think about the most challenging game you ever played on a smartphone. Remember how frustrated you might be to making a high score in that game. Now put both these feelings together and double them, that is how Falppy Birds is going to make you feel.

Flappy Bird is probably the most challenging game I have faced till date. It is available on both iOS and Android. A Windows Phone 8 version is probably on the way. This game is absolutely free and it will tighten every muscle in your body. Believe me, if you were ever frustrated in a game, this will just amplify that by a thousand times.

The idea of this game is probably on the simplest lines possible. There is a bird and it always needs to fly. The design of the game is so strikingly simple that it might offend some major mobile game developers as to how they could not see this happening with their game. The bird in the game always needs to fly, it can never come down. Just tap, tap and tap to keep the bird out of trouble from obstacles and crashing on the ground. Sounds simple right? My score so far has been 7. Just 7 obstacles crossed.

flappy birdsFlappy Bird is really addictive. You just keep on pressing start once you fall off or crash to the pipes. By the way, the pipes resemble the ones we loved on Mario. So, this game just makes you try again and again and laugh at you because you just fail too easily. I think in majority of tries I have not crossed even the 2nd pipe. It is just so crazy. The game surely makes you look like an idiot. Frankly speaking, when I heard about the app and I tired it, I was not even able to cross the first obstacle and I thought for the first time in 20 years of my life that I might have a serious concentration and co-ordination problem. Then, I asked my classmates to try the same and the result made me smile. They were worse on it that I had imagined. Seems I don’t suffer from any of that.

Flappy Bird has been making as many as $50,000 on a DAILY basis! Yeah, do the math- $1.5 million in a month! Tell me you don’t feel silly after playing this game thinking “I could have created this too” but guess what? You did not. Everyone should surely try Flappy Bird because there just isn’t an easy way to get this game done with. You are never going to be satisfied with this game. Keep on trying.


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