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I don’t know how many of you remember this but, around last year Facebook changed Android with their skin called “Facebook Home”. This was a place, iOS felt left out as Facebook could not develop a similar thing for them because it is not open source like Android. We all know that wait is sometimes worth it all. Facebook has announced a new app that will be coming out on Feb 3 for iOS, it is called the Facebook Paper.

Facebook Paper does not exactly take iOS and change it, it is just an app. Facebook Paper is more of a Facebook makeover. It is what you can replace your Facebook with, the original app. Obviously, it does not exactly give you full functionality of your regular Facebook App but it is essentially for the people who use Facebook to share and discover. The whole app is a different design to anything you have ever seen. You can think of this app more as a magazine.

facebook paper
The home page is has something like a cover photo and below that are stories that you might want to check. Basically, when you choose a story to read, you can just swipe your way through with the others. You don’t have to exactly tap on the image to reveal itself, everything works just fine with gentle swipes. Facebook Paper is actually distributed in categories. There are places where you get all the news there is and you can categorize it by introducing more themes. Watch this video to understand it better:

You must be amazed from the Ad, I am too but only time will tell if it hangs on for a while. Also, I really loved the way you can use iOS7’s feature to just tilt the phone around to see different sides of a large image. I personally can’t wait to get my hands on this App. It surely is Ad free and personally feels as a better “Facebook” than Facebook.

You should also try to website here to virtually get a hands on this App before it hits your “iOS” phones. There is no news currently if this App will be showing up on Android any time soon. Facebook Paper is set to release only in the USA on Feb 3 and no news on a worldwide release.


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