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Facebook Paper is the first product out of Facebook’s Labs. They invested a lot of money in Facebook Lab projects and this one is it’s first pass out. Facebook Paper is instantly the best thing Facebook has done since Facebook. If anything people have said about their past products (not from Facebook Labs) they have just criticized it but saying anything harsh about Facebook Paper is difficult. So let’s have a good look at this one. Just so you know, Facebook Paper is only available on iOS.

Once, you have installed Facebook Paper you get a small introductory video. After that, you have a small tour of how you can use Facebook Paper. Just for the first few self-exploring you do, the app tells you how to navigate. The home page consists of two parts. One where you get a standard story which can be swiped and the second, below it is the basic news feed. The whole Facebook Paper App can be navigated through swipes.

facebook paper
First thing when you get Facebook Paper is to customize the App. Swipe down on the home page and you see the option “Edit Sections”. There just swipe different categories which you would like to read about along with News Feed and you are good to go. Now, when you go to the home page and swipe right from it, you will be going into different sections. Say, from News Feed you can go to Tech or Scores. And each swipe will give you different stories below it. The app is just incredible.

The design of the Facebook Paper app might just be the best on any app. Not just the design, but the functionality is incredible as well. The app looks really clean and sharp. You will just love the way it works and the seamless graphics that takes you places. Facebook Paper is the best thing that has ever happened to Facebook. It is a getaway from the clutter of Facebook on the basic app and on the desktop.

Facebook Paper
Let us talk about the stories. When you view a story and it has images, it is very elegantly showcased. By default, they will be in a square resolution stream and you can then tap on them to see the images fully. Also if you stumble upon some photos, the iOS 7’s 3D effect allows you to move your phone and view the full image and if you want to straight away see it then a simple tap would do the trick. Even certain videos autoplay and it is just awesome to watch on this incredible interface.

Facebook Paper is a combination of your Facebook and NewsPaper, a properly tailored one. I won’t say it can be used as a replacement to Flipboard but Facebook Paper is still pretty neat and amazing to get you other information. If you have iOS 7, I would highly recommend you download this app, it is free and it is awesome.


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