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Facebook’s Creative Labs loves to make new apps for segments of Facebook. Paper, Slingshot, Rooms and now Groups. Groups is a new app by Facebook that takes the basic functionality of Groups and turns it into a fully functional app.

I do not know how much you guys use a Facebook group, but I am quiet active on groups. I have my engineering class group, an all things tv shows group and various others I keep tabs on. Facebook is simplifying it all for me. Groups have a more functional design and it is easier to navigate.

The app asks you what kind of a group you are trying to create. Is it a classroom? Maybe a family group? A Close Friends group. Select your type and make a group. The app has its set of notifications where you get all the group notifications at one place. The groups can be secret, private or even public (Okay, feels like my C++/ Java access specifieres).

facebook groups

The app lets you discover new groups by suggesting you sets of groups based on what your friends like or what pages you have liked on Facebook. It basically predicts you interests and offers you to join certain groups.

Facebook Creative Labs surely get the design right. But, I know for a fact not many know about these apps a lot. Somehow they don’t market these brilliant apps the way they should. Paper is possibly the best News Feed app but most of the people do not even know it exists. Facebook is doing the right thing but they need the people know it.


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