Facebook buying Oculus VR for $2 billion


It was just about a week back when Sony showed us their plans for Virtual Reality with Project Morpheous. It was pretty cool. Oculus VR had announced their VR set the Oculus Rift in Jan. Like I said in the article informing you guys about Sony Project Morpheous that Oculus might be better but they would not have the power for promotion as much as Sony. And now thunder strikes- Facebook is buying Ocukus VR for $2 billion bollar of which $400 million would be in cash and 23.1 million worth of Facebook shares.

In the Facebook blog, Mark mentioned and says this will be the next big thing and they want to be an integral part in building this up. Virtual Reality will not only give you amazing gaming experience but it might even be able to take you into a whole new place, some place you did not know existed. You could visit NYC without actually being their but you would believe the contrary. That shall take time but we all know this can be done. With VR, people also tend to blieve they are someone else completely.

This move would mean the Oculus Rift would not go unoticed and Sony will have a run for their money from Facebook. Oculus Rift is going to be available soon this April and the Developer Kit is already out there.


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