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Did you always think if it was just some way for you to remember things easily? Well there is an easier way now. Almost for everything you need, your phone has an app for it. This has also made possible because of an app. This astonishing app is called the Eidetic.
The app’s main colour scheme is a lighter shade of red. Along with (in my experience) the amazing seamless design, it certainly looks great. Eidetic means being able to capture something mentally and remember it or recall it anytime once you have it. The icon of Eidetic reflects what it is all about- your brain.

On the home page of the Eidetic app, you find tests. Obviously right now if you have downloaded, you won’t really find any. There is a “+” sign on the bottom that acts as the input interface for you to select the type of thing you would want to be reminded about. This app makes you remember something by reminding that specific thing again and again, as many times as you want to be reminded about it.

So, from the quick add you can select Dictionary, Phone Number, Fact, Number and Quote types. They all remind you something and force it in your memory. As the name of the types suggest, they make you remind that very thing, a word, a phone number, a random fact or a quote. You can set the test time from 1 day to 1 month, that is- a daily reminder or a monthly reminder. What it basically is going to do then is, ask you to remember that specific thing you wanted Eidetic App to remind you about. It then asks you weather you can remember it, accordingly it will increase or decrease frequency of the tests.

Eidetic has surely helped me to remember a lot of words and number I wanted to. You can obviously do it manually but we know how lazy we can be, hence the Eidetic App is simply amazing and easy way to get something inside your head and remember it. Students should really try it. In free version, you can only get up to one test but with Pro version you get extra assistance and you can set unlimited tests for about 100 INR or $1.99.


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