Easy way to turn off Windows 10 Forced Updates


With its cross platform compatibility, windows 10 is indeed a revolutionary upgrade over windows 8. However the upgrade has not come without controversies and dissatisfaction among a certain group of people. The biggest dissatisfaction being the enforcement of windows updates. The option within settings to turn the updates off has been revoked which has caused an enormous amount of controversy among the windows community.

Though the updates are important for system security, yet some of us might want to turn them off for some or the other reasons. And yes there are no click to turn updates off methods in windows 10 but we have some easy workarounds that work.

Stop the windows update service

There are two ways to stop windows update service from delivering the updates

  • Using the task manager

  1. Open your task manager by right clicking on your task bar in the bottom and click on Task manager
  2. Navigate to the services tab in the task manager and find Windows Update process as highlighted in the image below
  3. Right click to open the menu, hit stop and you are done.
  • Another method to stop the update service is through run command console. Here are the steps

  1. Hit Windows + R to open up the Run Command Console.
  2. Type “services.msc” and hit enter
  3. A services window like the one below will show up. Find the windows update service from the list and set it to disable. You have just turned the windows 10 updates off.

Windows updates have only been restricted to unlimited internet connections by microsoft. You can take advantage of this restriction to turn your updates off by setting your wi-fi connection to metered.


Here are the steps.

  1.  Open settings by clicking the start button and selecting settings from the menu
  2. Select “Network and Internet” from the option followed by Wi-Fi tab on the top
  3. Scroll below, find and click Advanced Options
  4. Toggle the metered connection option to on as shown in the image below


Overall, its only good to keep windows updates always on. However the lever should be in your hands. After all its your system and you should be able to do what you want with it right?

Despite this particular trouble in stopping O.S. from auto updating, there is a lot of fun you can have in Windows 10. Check out installing an android emulator on Windows 10.




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