Duolingo: Best App to learn any lanugage


I had this great ambition of learning a new language, French. There were a lot of textbooks I went through. But nothing concrete on the learning process but a lot to learn. I was in for a lot of trouble. I needed something to practice with so that I do not forget. I needed something that could use a smarter way to learn. Textbooks could not and my French teacher is way too weird for me to figure out what is being taught. And yes I pay attention in French class, yet it was going nowhere.

Someday randomly I was going through my App Store and I discovered Duolingo and I was in for a treat. Duolingo has a mascot, an Owl named Duo which is there to guide you through your learning process. It is your best destination to learn several languages. Duolingo can teach you French, Dutch, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Irish, Danish and a lot more coming very soon. Duolingo is completely and absolutely free. They never ask you for a cent and it is ad free. Duolingo is also the App of the Year 2013 for Apple.
Duolingo teaches you in segments. You have levels of grammar you reach. It is more of a game base on learning. You get EX points and you have hot streaks depending on each question you get correct. It repeats the basic elements to learn that specific language time and time again. You get so accustomed to it, it just embeds in your bloodstream. You should take time to revise but these exercises still repeat a lot of concepts so you learn them.

Duolingo is free and does not ask for any money even after you start learning. Many Apps have this PRO account you need to purchase to get all the knowledge but Duolingo is free and the best app to learn the languages it offers. Download it from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and start your learning experience today.


Author: Sinha

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