Dumb Way To Die Game Review


Most of the games on the phones are pretty standard. Make your highest scores by either running jumping around obstacles. Or you just shoot people and make your high score. Very less percentage of these have a story. And then there is “Dumb Ways to Die”. This game is one of a kind with a very fun vibe to it. From the gameplay to the way you are scored, it is just really cool.

Dumb Ways to Die revolves around these random, smaller individual games that keep on getting faster. You are given 3 lives, there will be 3 dumb ways you will die. Some of these smaller games are really fun and some of them are challenging. With it getting faster and faster, it gets more challenging as well. On the contrary some of these games are really easy and you will get through them no matter what speed it is rolling at. Dumb Ways to Die HAS TO BE played with the sound on. The sound and the animation will make you feel happy, lift your spirits and get in the groove.

The special thing about Dumb Ways To Die is the design and animation. They have carefully crafted each game and character. This game never depressed you because each dumb way you die can be really funny and not get you so worked up. I swear you could have blood pressure problems playing Flappy Birds. Dumb Ways to Die unlocks a new character every time you make it to 2000 points. It is not always too easy. The highest score you will make depends on luck. Your session could choose those difficult mini games for the whole session and you will be screwed.

Try this game on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. There is no harm in trying. Kids will love it and for adults it can be a real stress buster.


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