Download NitoTv installer for Windows and Mac – Step by step instructions for use


Nito TV Installer allows users to install apps such as XMBC and Nito TV on jailbroken Apple Tv. One can use it to install XBMC plugins like Transfer Custom, Transfer Popular and custom commands. NitoTv is one of the first few applications developed for Jailbroken Apple TV. It was developed by Kevin Bradley. The popularity of this app has slowly faded as there are many other apps today like Firecore Tv and aTv flash which offer similar features. However, the legacy of Nito Tv is worth the appreciation. Nito Tv is a media player that allows users to create and store playlists on their Apple TV. Also, it is useful to read web feeds, and three day prior weather forecast.

Generic Installation for Nito TV ON Apple TV through Windows PC

To Install the NitoTv, Apple Tv Users have to first download its setup file from here.

Download NitoTV installer for Windows

Download NitoTV installer for Mac

Once the setup file is downloaded, Login to terminal of Mac and open SSH with WinSCP or Putty. Type in the default password or password you have set. The default password is alphine. The next step to Type echo “deb /”> / etc / apt / sources.list.d / awkwardtv.list, then Type apt-get update, next type apt-get install com.nito.nitoTV, and lastly type killall Lowtide to exit.


Installing Nito TV on Apple TV 4

On your Mac device, open the terminal and type in “ssh root@Apple-TV.local “. It will prompt to enter a password, default password for the window is “alpine”. If it does not take it, enter the password you have changed. Second step is to enter the following code after logging in.

  1. wget
  2. chmod +x




The device will automatically reboot and completes the installation of NitoTV. On the launcher, and homescreen you will find NitoTV, once the Apple TV restarts.

Before installing the Nito Tv, you need to jailbreak your Apple TV. First, create a new folder by name Pwnage on your desktop. Download the NitoTV installer and copy it into that folder. Double click on the archive and extract it. Launch the NitoTV installer (has a skull icon) extracted. Second, from the drop down menu, Choose Apple Apple TV. Third, you can view the IP address of the Apple TV at the left bottom of the window. Fourth, Click Install NitoTV to finish the installation. When authorization asked, enter the password ‘alphine’ if you did not change the password prior to this. Fifth, Wait for a few moments, a check mark appears at the middle of the window to indicate that installation is successful. By now, the NitoTV application icon appears on the Apple TV launcher. If you want to install XMBC along with NitoTV, Click Install XMBC, similar to after installing Nito TV, a few moments later a checkmark appears at the middle of window to confirm installation. The icon of XMB appears on the Apple TV launcher.


With Nito TV installed on your Apple TV, you have more flexibility in managing audio files and it allows to open file formats that are previously not supported by Apple TV.


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