Download Modio 5.3 and See your xbox 360 file on PC


What is Modio 5.3?

Modio 5.3 tool uses storage device or sticky drive to access the Xbox files in the pc. It enhances the experience of modifying the Xbox 360 games on your pc. Modio has an interesting feature that allows the user to access the games on the world’s online database, from which one can choose their favourites and download the games. Once the games are downloaded all you need is to store them in a storage device and add to your console, within few clicks you will have the game on your pc.

How to see xbox files on pc using modio 5.3?

Initial requirements:

  • Computer and Xbox 360.
  • USB drive
  • Modio 5.3 tool


If you have all these requirements we can now start the steps below

  1. Initially insert the USB cable to the Xbox 360.

Configuration:  You will have the need to configure by going to the dashboard. Once you click on the dashboard, find system settings and click on it, you should further click on memory where you can see your USB drive. Open the USB drive and select “Configure device” option.

Note: If your USB drive is not appearing in the memory option, then the USB is not supported to Xbox.

  1. Mod the favourite games to USB drive.

Procedure: open the dashboard, click on settings option, then you will find the USB drive inside the memory option. When you open the USB drive the games and apps would appear. Now click on the favourite game which you would like to mod to USB drive. Click on the game and Use the move option in the data panel to mod it to USB.

  1. Eject the USB drive from Xbox and plug it into your computer.
  2. If you have already downloaded the modio 5.3 tool, you can use it. If you have not then you should download the modio 5.3 tool.

Download Link:

  1. Now that you have modio 5.3 click on the explore the devices, then file, go to the open drive option and open drive and search for the gamesave in the folders.
  2. Some of the gamesaves(gpd’s) requires just replacement with the modded one but in other cases the modded save and the original game should be opened at a time in resigner and you need to swap the id’s to the modded save.

Procedure: replace the old gamesave with the new modded gamesave and leave it. If you are required to swap the id’s then open the normal save in the resigner and copy paste the userd id from the normal save to the modded rehash and resign it.

  1. Now you can delete the old save and use the new modded save.
  2. Plug out the USB from the computer and re-insert to the Xbox
  3. Now boot the Xbox and move the modded save to the Xbox hard drive.
  4. That’s all the process is over and now you can enjoy the modded save.






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