Cortana: Windows Phone 8.1 Virtual Assistant


Something like this was long time coming for the Windows Phone 8. After much time at the R&D, Microsoft has been able to finally deliver a virtual assistant that is personal and certainly discrete among Google Now and Siri. Windows Phone 8.1 updates you with what is being called “Cortana”.

Cortana can do everything that Siri is able to. It can make calls for you, it can remind you things, it can tell you the whether, it can make reservations, it can do absolutely everything Siri and Google Now can. Can it do more? Hell yes. Cortana starts to leave the other behind because it takes personal virtual assistant to an all new level.

Cortana can keep important notes. You can personalize Cortana to be more presentable for you. It has a notebook where it keeps your favourite places, manages you scorecards, weather info, interests, music searches etc. In interests you can tell her what you care about.


There is this feature that allows only the “inner circle” to pass through or none at all. Inner circle would include someone from your family or your close friends or whoever you want to put in there as a part of your inner circle. It can track your travel as well like Google Now, obviously you can discard that functionality if you are CIA or something. It can make reservations as well. Cortana sounds pretty computerized as well. That was what people slammed Siri for.

My favourite feature in Cortana is the fact that you can ask it to remind you about something related to a specific person when you talk to them. Say you wanted to talk something personal, so you tell Cortana to remind you that when you talk to him/her next. Now does not matter if you talk to that person on email or text or even a phone call. Cortana reminds you what to talk about. This is wicked cool.


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