Blackberry launches BBM for Android and iOS


BlackBerry has finally given away one of their major features that drew most of the people to go buy a BlackBerry. It is a fantastic messenger and it finally comes on iOS and Android. There goes another few people who were going to buy a BlackBerry for BBM. I remember those days when putting your BBM Pin was a style statement and now, almost everyone is going to have it. Also with Whatsapp going so strong, we doubt people will care to use it as their primary messenger.

When you open the app, you will have to get in line, give your email and they will let you know when you can start using it. When you do get into BBM, you have to register and that’s all. Unlike Whatsapp it would not draw contacts from the phone. Main screen shows you the chats like any other. The interface is the same as you saw on the BB10 OS.

At the bottom you have Chats, Contacts and Groups. You can also go for more actions. There you can send an invite. The invite is all pin based, you can just give someone your PIN or send it as an SMS. You can also invite using NFC, email and barcode scan.
The chat does not allow you to share videos yet. You can share images and voice note. Whatsapp already has a rather easy and huge user base in this case. I don’t see people using it primarily over whatsapp. From the main menu, you can swipe to the right to reveal the same things you found at the bottom with additional options.

Obviously there is an advantage of having a BBM pin if you are someone important and you don’t want to talk to people on this specific messenger other than a specific “set” of them. Well, it was originally for the business phones wasn’t it? Everything said, BBM would need to push in hard. With bunch of options already being used in masses by others, it is not going to get easier for BBM even with their tag name.

If your friends are using BlackBerry devices, you can talk to them with them not cursing you to not be on BBM, though no one cares now. No one will. I really like the BBM, but it does not offer me anything more than what I already have. Actually it does not offer me anything remotely close to what I already have. Let’s see what the updates fetch us.


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