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So you are probably getting the new iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6 Plus. And you are probably shifting to iPhone after a long time or you are shifting from Android. Surely the larger display was a deal breaker and now that Apple has it, a lot of that will that will happen along with the already larger Apple users shifting from their recent iPhones.
One thing you are going to realize is that Apple apps are of better quality and iOS 8 is a better OS thanks to the new Extensions feature and notification center alone. Okay yeah a lot of things more but I can just go on and on about how Apple is back in the market with a bang.
Now you have your new iPhone and you need to figure out the apps you need. Here is a list of a few essentials that will help your Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus experience be as best and fluent as it can be.


Apple Social Networking Apps

This is kind of a no brainer that many people just cannot live without these apps and I know you will surely download these but just for the sake of informing here is a list of social networking apps that you should get on your iPhone now.

1. Facebook and Messenger

Yeah everyone is on Facebook, whatever. The messenger sucks a lot and that is why most people switched to the next recommendation.

2. Whatsapp

Shortcomings of Facebook Messenger and the simple concept of Whatsapp has made it used more than any other messenger on the planet. Whatsapp is your place to go if you want to stay connected to anyone who owns a smartphone.

3. Twitter

Because status messages are so 2009 and micro blogging the way to go.

4. Tumblr

Because images just change the whole emotion element of a message.



Believe me smartphones can do a great work of keeping you on track in life by keeping you in track every day. Managing your calendar can be a very difficult job and if you fancy something more than the core calendar app you will enjoy some of these.

1. Sunrise

This is one of the most efficient app to mark your calendar and schedule your day. This even reminds you about birthdays and anniversaries like the apple calendar but the functionality and design is so much better. That fact just makes you want to use it more.

2. Any Do

If you have not started making to do lists maybe this is the time you should start. It keeps you on track and it makes you complete your work. You really should try to do lists. You may not keep a notepad with your everywhere but you surely are going to take your phone. Download Any Do and just log the things you want to do. Keep looking at it and just swipe and strike off the things you are done with.

3. Evernote

Just make quick notes and organize them thanks to the features of this app. You can even keep an image as a note as well. It is just the easiest way to take notes on a digital platform and Evernote even maintains to do list.


Oh everyone wants to be into news these days. Even if not for Politics of GK, you want to know what celebrities are doing or anything to get the dopamine going.

1. Flipboard

This is the best app to read news and anything that interests you. Most of the articles published can be found here and with organized design it is easier for you to just flip your way through all the knowledge in the world and ready anything that interests you over any domain. You can even take a link from the internet and copy the link in the app.

2. Yahoo News

It just has a good design and subtle features plus Yahoo does well in news.

3. BuzzFeed, Mashable and The Verge

Because they are so freaking cool and give you some awesome stuff to read. Even entertainment related fun articles are just so amazing on all these apps/websites. And The Verge is my favorite place to go for tech news.



One of the best and fun games ever. Please keep the volume cranked up and play the game. It is based on these random mini challenges that get faster with each level. Just download it and you will enjoy this loads.

2. Frontline Commando

Because this game has one of the best graphics and gameplay over any commando game.

3. Temple Run 1 and 2 AND Subway Surfer

Lets face it, you want to beat your friends scores.


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