Beautiful Life With The Smartphone


Smartphones are the breeding ground of technology. Everyone, developer or consumer just wants to get on it for their own reasons. 2013 has certainly seen the best, I mean obviously it has to. Year by year it will get better. 2013 saw some amazing things coming from each company. We had significant improvement on the thing at least I use the most, voice assistance. In this case, Motorola has done an amazing job.

This new platform has actually bought EVERYTHING together- my mp3 player, my camera (both photographs and videos), my diary, exercise regime, my alarm clock, my trainer, my daily planner etc ALL TOGETHER. The smartphone just makes the life easier and it makes sense to have it all at one place.

Disclaimer- My day is not always this technically intense. The events are heavily exaggerated to show you the power of a smartphone.

Let us just see how for a general day a smartphone would help you out. It starts with the word “WAKE UP!! YOU ARE GETTING LATE, YOU LAZY ASS”- well that is what my alarm’s name is on the phone and it wakes me up to the goodness of “Beautiful Day by Michael Buble. It makes me want to wake up, I just check the phone to see the time and I see my alarm saying “WAKE UP…..” and I do! I switch to some song and just start getting ready, amped up on that perfect morning playlist. Now let us assume next thing I want is an amazing milkshake, but the problem is- I don’t know how to make one! Where does the smartphone come here? Obviously it will not make me one but surely in the kitchen I can just open up YouTube or a simple recipe app and WOALA! There is the bliss.

google-now-traffic-1Oh, shit. The time is 1000hrs, got to leave for college. Switch on Google Now baby. Which can tell me how long each route is going to take me depending on current traffic. Oh wait, I just got a reminder from my phone- it is reminding me to take my DS lab manual. I was on bed, half asleep too lazy to get up and put it in my bag so I just put it up. So now, I choose my route and I get there on time. Seems, it is Monday. Time to check the time table, oh wait my college app has the schedule ready for me. Class starts in 5, gotta rush. Before I enter the class, let us check the calendar on the phone to see if I need to wish anyone today.
CalOh, Isaac’s birthday, birthday bumps coming for your brother.
So we students are sick but it is the way it is. We text during class (if the class is boring) or just play some stupid game we have on our phones. Earlier, it was just the certain age group that used to be involved in gaming, like serious ones, still is.
Top-100-Logo4But, smartphones have brought these easy to fare but challenging to go through kind of games played by people of every age group. I mean come on, even my professor talks about Subway Surfer’s new edition. Yeah, so gaming, texting whatever. We just do it. There is a test or assignment to submit, make a reminder because never trust your brain. Many people might think we are being too dependent but is that a risk you are willing to take. We no longer actually text, we Whatsapp. It is a really aweosme tool. Distributing class notes and stuff is really easy.

The college time goes by, all my entertainment in my pocket for free time. All the guys want to hang out, we are considering places to go. Just pop up that smartphone again and check for places that you are looking for.
Zamoto, for example- just filter your results. Night life- check, bar check, menu check etc. So now I can just find a place and decide concretely on where to go. Oh now my girlfriend is calling. “Lets meet up for dinner tomorrow evening!” okay, she sounded like it was more of a command. Brain quickly asks you to say “Done” because any other answer might get you in trouble. To make her a little more happy let’s make a reservation at a little expensive place and mail her the details.
Going back home too early, I have time to stop by for a cup of coffee and see the sun set. Oops! No cash on me, but no problem the NFC will do it. Oh no, seems like I have a coupon for a free cup of coffee on Mondays! Thank you Starbucks. The sunset is getting a little too beautiful than I expected it to be. Pop the camera out and snap, snap SNAP! It is worth sharing, so I will go ahead and post it online.
SunsetOverFens Whoa, a 100+ likes till the time I reached home (never ever happened, ever (in reality)). But there is a problem, my girlfriend is mad because I did not ask her to meet here there. Obviously she has not checked her mail yet. Anyway, camera on again and a sweet decent apology sent as a video.

Screen-ShotA little free time till I start working on an article, so let us just read the newspaper. The newspaper guy forgot today too! Damn. No worries, epaper right on the smartphone. After reading, I think article can wait a bit more. Let’s skype with mom and dad, oh they picked up right away even though they were out for an evening walk (sorry mom and dad). The article and still wait I need to go and jog.

nike-running-ios-7Put up my running shoes, switch on Nike Running App and off I go. After, 1km 5min 10 seconds it says damnit is it slow. 2km 10min 02 seconds, better. It is time for power song, on. 3km 13min 42seconds. End my run, 730 calories burnt in the 8km run. Feels good. Let us loosen up a bit, switch to the Yoga app. 15 mins of divine recovery all dictated to me.

Take a shower and now article time. Only time I am probably away from the smartphone in this scenario. Finished article. Oh, a reminder from Google Now just in time, White Collar is on air. Google Now keeps me updated with everything I do. I do not even have to tell it to tell me something, the more I search on Google, the smarter it becomes.
Google-Now-CardsIt can track my flight, it can show me movies that are on near me, it can show me traffic, well it can do anything.

Time to sleep, alarm set. Anything I want to remind myself in the morning? No. Let us just sleep.
Basically in today’s world, if you have a smartphone you have an app for something you want to do. If you don’t have an app for it, build it. The technology is just getting better and more efficient. Don’t just use your smartphones for Social Media, there are a lot of other things you can do with it as stated above. Well you can do anything on the smartphone. Love it and Live it, it’s your smartphone.


Author: Sinha

Passion and Inspiration drives my life and I get them both from technology. Getting to write about it is an absolute bliss. The bliss comes from people reading what you want to convey. There is nothing better for a person than his views to be heard. I am a music, tv shows, movies and technological enthusiast.

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