Azumio Heart Rate App Review


You do not need a whole hardware to detect your heart rate. Samsung Galaxy S5 is not doing anything unique, a general Android, iOS and WP can do it too. All you need is a smartphone lens, the better the accurate feedback you give.

Azumio’s Heart Rate app gives you pretty accurate information about your heart rate by using that smartphone lens on the back. I have an iPhone 5 and it gives me pretty accurate answer for my heart rate, to cross check I collaborated with my doctor friend’s machine. It was a bit off 1-2 times for reasons I do not know. The app would not give you good accurate answer if you are moving, to take your heart rate you need to be stationary, your finger needs to be as stable as it can be.
Azumio Heart Rate App1
This app works beautifully, you can record all the different hear rates, tag them with the time of the day and your activity and it will tell you your heart zones or you can check it out manually by going through the data. Being able to do this is a really powerful tool and some special patients would not need expensive equipment, but yeah do not play with your life totally dependent on the app if you have a serious condition.


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