Apple’s new Healthbook App


Apple is taking what might be the next big step by the tech giants. As rumoured and informed by us, iOS 8 will feature a fitness tracker. Well we were correct. Yesterday, the 9to5Mac broke the news about the features of this alleged fitness tracker. To our surprise, it doesn’t track fitness alone, it tracks different parameters of your body in every possible way including fitness levels.

Apple Healthbook

Image Courtesy: 9to5MAC

This might be the next cool thing that Apple has done and it’s universally accepted that, whenever Apple comes out with something “cool” it becomes a trend. iOS 8 will have what is being called a Healthbook. The user interface of the Healthbook is like that of the Passbook, it has different cards with different information. Healthbook contains data like Blood Pressure, Nutrition, Sleep Tracking, Heartrate, Oxygen Saturation, Weight and a lot of other things as well.

The healthbook is going to use different kinds of sensors and hardware to achieve this feat. If it is being done in the most accurate manner, we might have a big evolution heading our way in health. Click here for the original detailed article.


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