Apple: Year In Review 2013


Apple saw a really tense year. With power rising not only from Samsung but HTC also, they were living dangerously. All eyes were mostly on the new iPhone, and it always is. Soon the news would break that this time, there wasn’t just one but two iPhones up for grabs. Their stock have not been stable, it had it’s share of ups and downs. But, Apple is Apple. It is the only company known for stunning quality and work power at the same time. Here is how their year went on.

iOS 7iOS 7iOS 7

iOS 7
Their first event of the year was the WWDC, which is their developer’s conference. We all knew the iOS 7 would be unveiled in this event. The news was already out that iOS 7 was going to be a complete redesign of the iOS, and it was. It offered a new flat design that made the OS really sharp and accurate. The new features made the usage of the phone really helpful. Just the redesign was so fresh but on the true lines of what iOS is about. Check our iOS 7 Review .

OS XOS X Mavericks


Apple was calling their new OS for the Mac and Mac Book’s, the Mavericks. It came as a completely new and powerful multitasking system. OS X seemed to be a kick in the guts to Windows, not just because of the features it bought but because the new operating system was available for FREE! Yeah, a new OS for free. This sent shockwaves down the tech world.

iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S

The iPhone 5S was released as a phone of the future. Three really unbelievable changes were bought to the iPhone 5S. First was the world’s first ever 64 bit processor on a mobile platform along with a co-processor. Second, was the camera along with the true tone flash and third was the revolutionary touchID to secure your phone. They had their share of blows from the critics but it was appreciated by many and it sold millions of devices worldwide.

iPhone 5C

Apple iPhone 5C

iPhone 5C, where C is for colour as they same came out to be rather okay. Surely the teenage girls are going to select these phones specifically but considering the tech junkies, it did not excite as much. It was power of iPhone 5 in polycarbonate. I would any day go for the iPhone 5 aluminium built that the iPhone 5C but the iPhone 5 has been discontinued.

Mac ProMac-Pro

What the MacPro offers is something out of this world. It is the smallest, the most portable and the most powerful CPU gives to the consumers. It is solely for people who need this kind of computing i.e for film makers, produces in music etc. The Mac Pro is really expensive but it is again one of the steps into the future by Apple.

iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina Display

apple ipad air

iPad Air, the most stunning 10 inch tablet you will ever use. It is amazingly light and looks so beautiful it kills. It also has the A7 64 bit processor and with that huge beautiful display, this platform will be the most to extract from the A7 computing power. iPad Mini Retina, the only thing that was missing on the original iPad Mini was the Retina Display and here you have it! Apple family complete.
Apple in 2013 has spoken raw power and redesigning. We won’t certainly say innovation but we are eager for 2014.


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