Apple WWDC Event 2014: What we should expect


Apple usually has 3 major events yearly. First is the World Wide Developers Conference which is usually in June. Then there is the iPhone and any other major hardware unveiling in or around September. Next would follow the iPad launch. The first even is around the corner. Apple’s WWDC 2014 from the 2nd of June to 6th of June is official.

Apple is ready to show you the new iOS 8 and the new OS for the Macs. Apple is also rumored to release their new SMART HOME platform. It will be a very intelligent way of making all your devices over the WiFi to talk to each other. You would surely need a cloud setup (I suppose). Apple’s WWDC 2014 will be very exciting basically because of the iOS 8.

The new iOS 8 is supposed to be linked to fitness very closely with a separate health book app that will take data from your co-processor on the iPhone 5S to work accurately. We don’t know how they will achieve the same with iPhone 5 and earlier models. iOS 8 might be available iPhone 4S onwards or even iPhone 5. It would not be a major re design like how the transition from iOS 6 to iOS 7 was but yes minor things here and there will make iOS 8 different. We expect a new and improved Siri, something that will be faster and listen more accurately.

Mark your calendars, 2nd June 2014 Apple will live stream the event on all iOS devices.


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