Apple to make the next phones crash proof


Imagine a smartphone smart enough to protect itself. Sounds like one of those sci-fi movies but recently the Apple has patented a design just like that. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted Apple the patent which is officially described as “protective mechanism for an electronic device.”

50% of the iPhone users have faced this undesirable situation where the phone just slips right out of their hands and the screen just shatters into pieces. With this new protective mechanism, a lot of people could save money and time.

According to the patent, the device should be equipped with a drop sensor which detects the falling of the device and sends a signal to a small motor which shifts the device by changing its center of gravity so that the fall is angled in such a way that when the device hits the ground the effect of the fall is minimized cause as minimal damage as possible. It’s more like a cat which, no matter in what position it is in the air, always land on its feet. The fall and the position in which the device will land can be estimated with the devices like accelerometer, gyroscope and GPS connected in the desired way. Till now it’s all theoretical but there are rumors that the experiments have been started.

When you look into the patents, there are designs which would seem like almost impossible like, for instance, a device which employs jets just before hitting the ground to minimize the damage to a great extent. If you think that’s far-fetched then here is another one you can add up that list; a device which uses an electric ion propulsion system which would nullify the fall. What a world that would be! Till then try not be clumsy while handling your phone.



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