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We are just 24 hours away from the Apple Event taking place at their HQ at Cupertino, California. It is a relatively smaller space for an event. All of us have seen the fancy way in which Samsung revealed the Samsung Galaxy S4 in a grand manner in New York City. So yeah compared to it, this one is not going to be something really wow of an event. Apple users surely wait for the iOS 7 update on their iPhones which will be coming to all the phones later than the Apple iPhone 4. We expect it to show up as update maximum 10 days after they announce it in tomorrow’s event.

iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C
The main talking points will remain the iPhone 5S and the new budget iPhone, the iPhone 5C. A number of leaks over the past 2 months have left us with clues which might have reduced the excitement of these upcoming phones. None of us are really aware what they will have features or software wise but we know how it will look and what it might stage on the hardware front. For starters let’s talk about the iPhone 5S. In a proper video comparison along with the iPhone 5, we see that it has the exact same size as that of the iPhone 5. So yeah no bigger screen size for those of you hoping for a larger display. Frankly, we are surprised. After all the drama we thought Apple might increase the screen size but I guess they have other plans. Even a 4.3 inch display would have been better. But Apple is very keen to make the development of their phone apps easy, hence sticking on the display ratio. Android developers call developing on Android a “nightmare” because they have to think about endless display ratios and hardware specifications.

iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

iPhone 5S will also feature an alleged improved 13MP camera with dual LED flash. The camera has been bliss on all the respective generations of the Apple iPhones and this one would be no exception. They might have focused on the night shots but in the pictures you can see the sensor size is the same hence same amount of light falling, wonder how are they going to achieve that. They face a stiff competition camera wise from the Nokia Lumia 920 onwards phones. The body is going to be the same built of glass and aluminium all the Apple lovers starve for. They are going to introduce a new colour: Champagne. It looks really good but I guess most of us will still prefer black, it classy but catches too many fingerprints. iPhone 5S will come with iOS 7 out of the box but we don’t know what additional features it might carry. They would not have showcased many of the features that use the hardware on the BETA versions. A finger print scanner is allegedly making it’s way to the iPhone 5S to enhance security features. The new smartphone will obviously have a faster Apple processor, though its specifications are unknown. It will come in 4 colours: Black, Champagne, Silver and “maybe” graphite. There might be a 128 GB model available apart from the GB, 32GB and 64GB models.

iPhone 5C

iPhone 5C
iPhone 5C, will come in a variety of colours. It will be their first ever budget entry to the smartphone world. Unlike the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5S, it will be encased in plastic. Apple has finally come down from the premium brand with the 5C release. The hardware specs are all unknown. The 5C will also feature the iOS 7. The camera will have a flash but again the specs of the camera are unknown. I hope the plastic built is good enough for Apple to tag this as “their” product. With this release Apple surely hopes to help build sales and tackle other smartphone makers on the lower-end market.

The leaked video comparision

Game Time

Rumours also suggest that we will not be seeing any iPads at tomorrow’s event. At the WWDC earlier this year Apple surprised us by announcing the super powerful Mac Pro which will support not one, not two but THREE 4K displays. No one had saw that coming. Also the rumours suggest that Apple has recently shipped tonnes of “unknown” set-up boxes from China. Well it might be the Apple TV “TV” and not just the set-up box. Tonnes of set-up box, who would make so much? They have stuck a deal in China with China Mobile which has over 60 million subscribers to market and sell the iPhones. This might prove to be a huge boost for market share for Apple and a huge blow to Samsung who already have a strong ground in China. With iOS 7 we will also see the OS X Mavericks making it’s way for the Mac.

Apple, the ball is in your court now show us what you got.


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