Apple: iPhone 6 Release Date


The world is ready, Apple fans are excited and we know whats coming. Apple is set to release the iPhone 6 soon. The unveiling of the iPhone 6 will take place on September 9. It is close to Samsung Galaxy Note 4’s release which is set for September 3. It will be exciting to see what actually goes down. There are images all over the internet what seems to be the larger 4.7 inch Apple iPhone 6. It seems to be of the same aluminum body but something tell me it is just not the same as that on the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S.

You will surely see a new 64 Bit Apple A8 processor. That is astonishing considering the full potential of A7 Chip has not been tapped into as there are no games or apps that has been made to use that 64 bit architecture. There is going to be a better camera as well. It will run the newly released Apple iOS 8. Apple iOS 8 will be released for the other phones on the same date. You will get the update on the same day as that of the release of iPhone 6.




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