Apple iPhone 6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4


This has been by far the most competitive year in smartphones. And nothing gets more heat up than a Samsung phone against an Apple phone. This year these two phones, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Apple iPhone 6 released within 2 days of one another. It literally was a head on collision in the market. Lets see which one stands better than the other.


This time Samsung has made the incentive to change the one thing people hate the most about their phones- the build quality. This time around the Note 4 was the first Samsung phone to come with a metal frame around the edges to give you a premium feel when you hold it there. But where you actual hand resides, the back panel is still a rough textured leather that feels kind of awkward. But yes the is more likeable than last year’s model. Apple iPhone 6 Plus in their design and built. The phone has state of the art build quality and a brilliant finish to support it even further. Does it bend? Yes. But it is highly improbable. Which is the better phone to hold and see? Of course the Apple iPhone 6 Plus.


Man this is a tough one. On one hand we have a Quad HD 5.7 inch display and on the other a 5.5 inch full HD display. Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has a brilliantly dense and sharp display but so does the Apple iPhone 6 Plus with the Retina full HD display. The colours are so much more saturated on the iPhone 6 Plus as compared to the over exposed and over saturated colours on the Note 4. But really they both give equally good video playback and gaming graphics and overall no one would really prefer one on the other so this will be called a tie.


I have been a big fan of Apple cameras for the obvious reason- best and the most realistic photos in terms of exposure and color balance and all sorts of dynamics that make a good photo. Samsung cameras are great as well but they tend to get over exposed and over saturated just like their display. And the colour balance in them is also not the best. But what it does take is 4K video that the Apple iPhone 6 Plus cannot, but do you even have a 4K TV or Display to watch it on? I will give the camera showdown to Apple iPhone 6 Plus.


I am never going to support the Samsung TouchWiz UI because it takes away everything that makes Android great and adds on a lot of pain with a zillion setting you can’t figure out and on the other hand Apple iPhone 6 Plus does not get any better with the usual clean and clear design and functionality. iOS 8 has so many brilliant features that takes it further away from Android in individuality. Software: Apple iPhone 6 Plus.


Covering the high end phones, one phone is not really much faster than the other. Yes, you can run the benchmarks and see what the numbers say but in the end your phone should not lag and be responsive and that is something that both these phones are pretty good at. Apple iPhone 6 Plus loses big time against the high standards of battery lif eon the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and also on the memory expansion that Apple does not support. Performance: Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Overall Winner: Apple iPhone 6 Plus


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