Apple iPhone 6 Plus Preview


Apple iPhone 6 Plus was one of the biggest announcement. And for those who really want a phone that just does not fit in your hands, Apple iPhone 6 Plus was everything they hoped for. It was announces with its counterpart the Apple iPhone 6. It would be very interesting to see now that 2 mainstream phones taking over for Apple, who gets more attention- Apple iPhone 6 Plus or the Apple iPhone 6.


Apple iPhone 6 Plus
The phone has the same built quality and looks as that on the Apple iPhone 6. It comes with a smoother aluminum finish compared to last year with more curved corners. A bigger phone needs those curved corners so they do not feel uncomfortable to hold. Even the display seamlessly merges and curves along the body on the edge. Apple iPhone 6 Plus looks so stunning and fits anywhere thanks to less thickness.


Apple iPhone 6 Plus
You get a 5.5 inch full HD 1080×1920 pixel resolution Retina HD Display. This is just the most beautiful display you are ever going to witness on a smartphone. It is so much denser than the then “most beautiful display” on the iPhone 5S. The iPhone 6 Plus is all out singly selling just on the brilliance of the display.


Apple iPhone 6 Plus
It has the same lens introduced on the iPhone 6 but with way many features. Apple iPhone 6 Plus camera comes with OIS- Optical Image Stabilization. It allows the lens to adjust to your hand position using a gyroscope and click accordingly. The phone also takes the best stabilized video there is from a smartphone. Apple iPhone 6 Plus can focus faster than ever, may or may not be faster than LG G3’s laser autofocus. You can shoot slow motion video not only in 120fps but also 240fps!

Software and Performance

Apple iPhone 6 Plus will be running on iOS 8. The phone will sport on the latest Apple A8 chip along with the M8 motion processor. The motion processor now distinguishes between flight of stairs and straight lines. A8 makes the phone 50% faster than the original iPhone and 18% faster than A7. Apple iPhone 6 Plus also has better and bigger battery. It will come in 16GB, 32GB and 128 GB models.


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