Apple iPhone 6 or Apple iPhone 6 Plus, which one to buy?


With two awesome iPhones that have come to the market, the big question that lingers your mind is “which one should I buy?” It may seem like a complex question with money at stake, you do not want to get it wrong.
First question that needs to be answered is- Do you want your phone to have that huge 5.5 inch display or you can do with the 4.7 inch display?

Many people can be uncomfortable around the 5.5 inch phones as they are cumbersome to carry and suit more to women’s bags those men’s pants and jeans. If you really want that entertainment experience of gaming and watching videos, you surely should go with the Apple iPhone 6 Plus. If you want that entertainment and are not ready to settle for the 5.5 inch screen, the 4.7 inch would be no less.

Next would be the camera. If you really are a camera fanatic, you would want that OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) that the Apple iPhone 6 Plus has to offer. It even has that extra mode for 240fps slow motion video. Apple has introduced the front HDR photos as well. That goes for the iPhone 6 too. So if you really want the OIS along with video stabilization, you better opt for the iPhone 6 Plus.

Apart from these 2 differences that change your decision, the iPhone 6 Plus has better battery life. It is all too slight but better anyway. Always remember, the bigger the battery longer it stays but longer it takes to charge.
So if you can wrap your head around your desire for the display and the camera, you are set to decide whether to take the Apple iPhone 6 or take the Apple iPhone 6 Plus. Simple and sweet.


Author: Sinha

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