Apple iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5: What the rumors say

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We know what iPhone vs Samsung Galaxy (the S2, S3, S4…..) means to us. It just pisses people off when they try to support their own phone in this mist. It is like debating over Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal (By the way, Roger Federer is the best), or between Ronaldo and Messi (CR7 all the way!) or between….well you get the idea. And shhh, Apple is better, don’t tell anyone.

Recently rumours have flown in for both the new models from each smartphone maker i.e Apple and Samsung on iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5 respectively. They might just release much earlier than we expected. We know Apple follows it’s annual cycle and releases their products over Sept and Oct. But, the new iPhone 6 is supposedly coming as early as May 2014. That is correct. It is much, much earlier. On the other hand Samsung released the Galaxy S4 last year around April and this time, it is coming out as early as next month, i.e February.

galaxy-s5-conceptSamsung Galaxy S5 will fancy a 2K display, 16 MP camera, 4GB of RAM and a 64 bit processor. We have no idea about what all features it might hold. Samsung is known for having some amazingly helpful features on board. The display is going to be a curved one. Hopefully we will see something happening on that end because frankly no curved phone has made sense so far except for fall protection. And the best part, Galaxy S5 might have an aluminium body.

Apple iPhone 6, well I don’t certainly relate the rumour flowing around to this phone but apparently Apple has patented a touchless display and a heart monitor. It will be amazing to see where they exactly go with this. Apple iPhone 6 will definitely have a larger display, well yeah. The rumour says it might be as large as 4.9 inches. It will be interesting to see how Apple is going to fare by with losing that aspect ratio they wanted to stick for the ease of developing. Also, they might not change the processor at all, I mean they do not need to as no app on App Store is able to tap into that A7 64 bit computing to it’s limits.
Well we do not know the exact dates but look out for Feb 2014 and May 2014 people, they are coming big.


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