Apple iPhone 5S vs Samsung Galaxy S4


Two of the most powerful phones of 2013 are in faceoff. Samsung Galaxy S4 came out in April 2013 and Apple iPhone 5S in Sept 2013. Let’s just get into it and see who wins the overall domains and hence the victor.


The only place where I would say is a no brainer. Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with a polycarbonate body. It certainly feels pretty nice but the flexible back and all the bezel material there is just not right. And when the opposition is something called the Apple iPhone 5S, Samsung Galaxy S4 can just brace themselves. Apple iPhone 5S is arguably one of the best design there is on any smartphone. HTC One is pretty close but the sheer feel of that flat accurate aluminium and almost everything about it is beautifully majestic. It is like watching a Ferrari in sunset, no wonder people obsess over Apple iPhone 5S just by it’s looks. Design: Apple iPhone 5S.


This is seriously about priorities. Do you like a 5.0 size display or you like a standard 4.0 inch display? Do you love the realistically accurate colours or the unsound clarity that full HD brings to you? Apple iPhone 5S has a 4.0 inch Retina Display, it is one of the sharpest, most beautiful displays to look at. On the other hand the 5.0 inch AMOLED full HD display just takes your breath away on videos and gaming graphics. It does the same for iPhone 5S, but on a literally smaller scale. Display: You choose, I can’t.


There is some serious innovation going on in iPhone 5S’s camera. First the true tone flash. Now, the flash can actually detect the temperature of the colours of the subject and accordingly saturate the flash so it blends more with the photo. There are some seriously amazing night shots which never looked so clear and there is a huge jump in the low light shots from 5 to 5S’s camera. Apple iPhone 5S can also take slow motion 720p videos and is the camera that captures the colours in their purest tone. On the other hand Samsung Galaxy S4’s 13MP shooter produces over saturated images but comes with so many different software tweaks that it will blow your mind. Also, in Samsung Galaxy S4 you can control all the dynamics of the photograph. The video quality is certainly amazing as well. Overall I just prefer the iPhone 5S’s shots more because they are much more natural. Camera: Apple iPhone 5S.


This is again some ground I cannot really say the clear winner. Samsung Galaxy S4 has some seamlessly amazing software integrations in the TouchWiz that make your life with Samsung Galaxy S4 much easier. There is Smart Stay, Smart Pause, Air View and all that just makes Samsung Galaxy S4 what it is. On the other hand the smartness and the beautiful design of iOS 7 are just amazing. It has it’s own set of features but iPhone 5S in specific with the TouchID fingerprint scanner accounts for a lot. But everything said, Software: Samsung Galaxy S4.


There is this powerful Hulk up against some sort of other Marvel superhero. Hulk being the Apple iPhone 5S, the first smartphone to incorporate 64 bit computing power with the new Apple A7 chip and M7 co-processor. Samsung Galaxy S4 on the other hand has an Octa+Octa processor, with only one working at a time. Samsung Galaxy S4 also has NFC and expandable memory. But Apple iPhone 5S is just the much faster phone and the much smoother phone. And the M7 is a whole new dimension in motion tracking. Performance: Apple iPhone 5S.



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