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Apple recently showed us their cards and now we can say- we knew this was coming. Almost all the rumours have been true, except for the 128 gigabyte model we heard was coming. Sept 10 Apple Event left me thinking- “Is that all”. We are certainly satisfied but impress us too much. It did not make me jump around and make me impatient till the phone came out. The newly introduced 64 bit Apple A7 chip for the Apple iPhone 5S left us speechless. 64-bit on a smartphone is the only processor of it’s kind so far. That was one thing that was wow. TouchID and the new iSight camera also go as impressive, pretty impressive. As for the iPhone 5C, it is just an iPhone 5 with polycarbonate body.
There were too few things that impressed us, just too few. Read on and we will conclude that should you make a switch from other platform or upgrade from your older iPhone to the iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C.
Let’s take on the iPhone 5C first.

iPhone 5C

This phone is exactly as we saw it coming. Nice and solid plastic body, the classier word to be used- “polycarbonate”. The colours are all the same, as the leaked pictures suggested. It surely deserves to be called polycarbonate and not plastic because of the quality. It is as good as the built quality of Lumia 920, true story. iPhone 5C is encased in a continuous polycarbonate shell. What it packs? Well the iPhone 5C is an iPhone 5 in a polycarbonate body. Now why would you take the aluminium-glass body and replace it with plastic? This surely baffles me.
Apple iPhone 5C

Built quality of the iPhone 5C is pretty awesome. But it has gone easily heavier than the 110 gram iPhone
5 which we all loved. It has the same camera sensor that was on the iPhone 5, the same processor- Apple A6 chip, the same amount of RAM and all so many other things. What I still question is, why ditch the aluminium? iPhone 5S surely is that classy aluminium body we are familiar to. All the colours are great- it comes in green, pink, white, blue and yellow. After the announcement, Nokia sent a tweak saying “Imitation is best form of flattery”. Just so “we” are clear, the colour combo and schematics are being going on iPod Touch since 5th G. It should have been Apple sending this message than Nokia.
The phone will surely run the new iOS 7 better than iPhone 5 since it has been specially optimized to run iOS 7. People will realise how much of a difference iOS 7 will make for Apple users and would surely draw in switches. If you already have an iPhone 5 I would say only a foolish man would buy the iPhone 5C after having used iPhone 5. If you care so much about the colour buy a colourful case they sell you. Talking about cases, Apple will be selling $29 cases to add a different dimension to these colours the body holds. The covers have cut out circle, about half the back has been done so. So be creative. Again the Display, the RAM, processor and just everything else is the same as iPhone 5. It is also not that cheap, it comes on $99 on contract for 2 years. As for the unlocked version, it would cost you as much as iPhone 5 did (unlocked) last year. So budget entry? Not really.

iPhone 5S

Apple iPhone 5S
This phone was supposed to be the star of the keynote, actually if I see it rationally and not as a fan of Apple- this event went pretty dull. It did not have a big wow, the crowds just clapped thrice when they speaker was describing something. That is less, very less. So the iPhone 5S looks exactly same as per design of the iPhone 5. The black is not any more the classy black we had on iPhone 5, it is more silver-ish on the edges and back. A new colour- Champagne/ Gold have been introduced alongside black and silver.
With iPhone 5S, they introduced 3 major things- the Apple A7 chip, the new camera sensor and TouchID. Apple A7 is the world’s first and only 64 bit processor on a smartphone. Also it is x2 faster than Apple A6! This is huge and powerful, we are talking about Hulk “alike”! Yeah! It also has a M7 co-processor which keeps track of your movements. Basically it will obtain your motion data from gyroscope, accelerometer and compass. Apple made the gesture that it will be amazingly helpful for fitness apps, well of course it will be. Where is the wow here? The M7 will automatically know if you are walking, running or driving and depending on that, it will stop doing stuff – like looking for Wi-Fi networks and hence save crucial battery.
Apple iPhone 5S Camera
Apple has redesigned the camera lens. There is a ton more it can do now. Of course most of it comes just from the camera interface that we get from iOS 7. All these improvements are made over the same 8MP. It now has a lens which now has an aperture of f/2.2 and the sensor which is now larger and has 15% more area for light to fall on. Hence the pixels on this sensor now measure 1.5 micron. With larger pixels and more light, we get better low light images. They have done cool stuff with the flash too, which no one else in the smartphone camera industry has done- intelligent flash. The camera will detect the surroundings and when the photo is clicked with the flash auto adjust to blend it with the colours on the subject and surroundings so that you get the uniformity we crave for. It can detect and auto-adjust 2,000 colour temperatures. This had a huge round of applause. Even for non-flash photography, the sensor will detect and scan the area, auto-adjust the exposure, auto adjust the white balance and create a tone map to improve certain areas of the picture after it has been clicked.

This camera is now capable of taking a 720p 120 frames per second slow motion video! This is crazy awesome. And the usual 1080p video with the beautiful quality we are familiar with on the iPhone 5. In panorama mode too, it sets the exposure in the 24MP shot and adjusts it as you go so if the sunlight is more on one side and less on the other, it will still look uniform and clear.
Apple TouchID
TouchID is the finger print scanner Apple has incorporated on the iPhone 5S. You can simply unlock the phone with your fingerprint. iTunes store can authenticate purchases by using your fingerprint. There is no orientation constraint, it can detect it 360 degrees. This is not the first of it’s kind on a phone. Motorola used it, so did Dell (not on phone) but it was not something huge? So the question is, why is this? Because in today’s time most of our important work is carried out by smartphone for quick access and for many of us it is very important to keep the stuff safe. Even if your phone gets stolen, they cant break through. Also with iOS 7 you cannot delete the Find my iPhone which can help you detect where your phone is incase stolen or otherwise because they would need an Apple ID and password clarification. So iPhone 5S, safest phone. TouchID is more than people realise. In the future we will be switching to our phones as wallets and this just comforts me and gives me the confidence that yes, I will trust this phone to hold my credit card, debit card and well “money”.

To sum it up

iPhone 5C is more like “bleh”. As I said in the closing remarks for iPhone 5C- Why would you sell an iPhone 5 in a plastic casing when you already have the awesome aluminium? Only way I can comfort you is by saying- though it will have the same Apple A6, it will be better optimized for iOS 7 than the iPhone 5. But yes it still isn’t aluminium and still is not “cheap”. We expect much more from Apple and did not do excellent this time around. TouchID, iSight camera and the A7 are wow. The innovation is somewhere lacking. I want to see a bigger display, I want to do more with my iPhone! I want something like Smart Stay or Smart Pause that Samsung has. It will make things much easier. Guess every phone will lag something. If you have an Apple iPhone 4 or 4S you can switch to 5S without second thoughts. The Apple iPhone 5S is great! But it just isn’t great enough. If you have an iPhone 5 and do not starve for a faster processor, TouchID and the better camera then hold on. No wait, it is enough to make you switch to iPhone 5S. it will run faster, the iOS 7 will be better on 5S, TouchID rules and the camera has so much more to offer! Do not forget iOS 7 here. It will be a crucial point too when other users start using it and others watching them, they will want to get it in their hands too. This software is the dark horse. In the midst of so much hardware wow-ness do not forget iOS 7 is still awesome. Apple- job well done, but something seems to be missing.

Few videos to inspire you-
iPhone 5S

iSight Camera

iPhone 5C

iOS 7


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