Apple iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2: Preview


Apple just released the iPad 5th Gen and the iPad Mini 2nd generation. Again, they did not show us anything we did not expect. The only shocker was the name. The new iPad 5th Generation is called the iPad Air. It is shockingly light and as we said in the preview, their design is drawn out from the 1st generation iPad Mini. Both have gone through hardware up gradation and nothing else. It was boring and is boring that there is nothing I would really want to go and buy them for.

iPad Air

Apple iPad Air
Like we said earlier, this was the only shocker that we got- “iPad Air” the new name for the iPad 5th generation. Interestingly, one of the reasons for this would be to open a new “Pro” line that we have heard rumors of lately, Apple testing the 13 inch display for tablets. Tom Cook came out pointing the finger to Microsoft, saying “other” manufacturers have been confused, turning tablets into notebooks, notebooks into tablets, they are in doubt.

Apple iPad Air
The iPad Air is a thing of beauty. It has a really amazing flat aluminum back in silver and space grey. Quoting Phil- “Thinner, lighter and more powerful” and its all there is. Remember the previous generations of iPads having that large bezel? That has changed. iPad Air has a 43% smaller bezel. It will provide you a better hold on the device, but you know it’s large anyway. The thickness is now reduced from 9.4 mm to 7.5mm, that’s screamingly thin. All this has made the iPad Air “a thing of beauty”.

Apple A7
It packs the stunning Apple A7 processor with the 64-bit architecture, the same one we saw on the iPhone 5S. It packs power, great power. They have provided their developers with tools that enable them to change code of the 32-bit within a few hours instead of months. And all of this yet the iPad Air just weigh a pound. It has the same old 9.7 inch retina display, best ever on a tablet period.
Apple iPad 3

iPad Mini

Apple iPad Mini 2nd Gen
They just kicked things off with this one. Phil just came straight out with this one and announced the Retina Display for the iPad Mini 2. It was applauded, and that was all everyone wanted. iPad Mini with a retina display results to- iPad Mini 2. It does not have the A7, it runs on the A6 chipset. Basically, they are selling iPad Mini with a retina display. Why would you buy this instead of Nexus 7? A. Retina Display, B. iOS 7 C. BUILT QUALITY (duh) D. Lag free! iPad Mini 2nd Gen is $70 more than the Google Nexus 7 but still overall the iPad Mini 2 Gen is everything you want in a small tablet. It has a display of 7.9 inches.

Final Thoughts

Apple iPad Air and Apple iPad Mini 2
As you can read and make out, it is just the hardware taken to a new level. On a software basis, there is no stand out features. The pro to is, it will be lag free and the con exists only if you want it to be fancy. iPad Air might not be a that big of an upgrade from iPad 4th Gen but if you consider the A7, it is one of the biggest reasons to buy iPad Air. iPad Mini 2 will also sell because that one thing missing is now there- Retina Display. We hope they bring something feature wise awesome to the tablet next time we witness this event.


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