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iOS 8 is huge just like Apple says. Not just for the users but also for the developers. It was after a long time that a WWDC was so light up, fun and people left happy after the keynote. iOS 8 is not a major update, the design is more or less the same. There are a few minor tweaks here and there. But iOS 8 comes with many features. More than just iOS 8, the whole Apple family is better and has added something I always wanted, total continuity (check feature no. 10)

Here are some of those major features:

1. Siri

We all were star struck and intimidated by what Siri could do. It was one of a kind and Google Now did not exist then nor did Cortana. Siri has got a hands free feature, though you cannot use it without the screen been unlocked. Even for Google Now, it is hands free only with the display on. Only Moto X is always listening no matter where it is. Siri can directly listen to songs via Shazaam and tell you which song it is. You would not need to wait and launch the app, Siri will automatically listen to the song and give you all the information you need.

2. Wi-Fi Calling

iOS 8 allows you to make calls via the Wi-Fi without the carrier being present. iOS 8 can do that given your carrier has allowed you to use the feature. In an unlocked iPhone or iPad you are good to go.

3. iCloud Drive

Photo Courtesy: THE VERGE

Photo Courtesy: THE VERGE

Now you can backup any kind of file over the iCloud not just Photos and Docs and few other, anything and everything. Not just Backup but store any data and do anything with it separately. No longer iCloud, it is iCloud Drive. The drive gives you 5GB free storage and extra 300 GB takes just $3 a month. It is very cheap and yet very handy.

4. Smart Keyboard

Okay, we have seen the predictable keyboard before. Type and it gives you suggestion about words you mean to enter. But the Apple keyboard will UNDERSTAND what you message is all about (the incoming message) and keep you ready with a set of words that are relevant so that you can instantly reply it quickly. There are a number of keyboards any app can support now.

5. iMessages

iOS 8 iMessages
It is more like what Whatsapp could already do. You can reply with voice and video which would self destruct eventually. Kudos for that.

6. Notifications

When you get notified on the lock screen you can instantly take an action from there. Like or Comment on a Facebook Notification, reply to your messages and a lot more. You can actually do the voice reply of the iMessage right from your lock screen. Same goes for the notifications when the pop from top of your display, you can take the same actions you could on the lock screen.

7. Photos and Camera

iOS 8 Camera App
Your photos can be indefinitely shared via iCloud. You can keep more photos than you can actually store physically on the device. You can search for photos based on their location and time it was taken or anything else. The camera can control manually the exposure and colour.

8. Health

Health lets you keep all your records from all the fitness apps you have under one roof. You can track sleep and all of this data could be used based on your permission by the other fitness app to get your whole fitness picture and hence provide you better feedback. If the running app could know what you ate that day and how much you slept etc over a time it could tell you when and how you perform the best and when the worst.

9. Now apps talk to each other

This is called Extension. Let us say you are on your Photos App, earlier Apple only allowed Facebook, Mail and few other apps to post on the go but now any photo app that could use the photo, post it in any way or edit it will be available from any of those apps. It is incredible and something I always wished Apple did on iOS. No more restrictions.

10. Apple Family Connected

If you are on the same network, you can pick or make a call from your Mac given that your phone is around somewhere. Under the same proximity, you would not even need to look at your iPhone or iPad, you can take messages and calls if you are on the Mac or on the iPad if your iPhone is away. They would buzz on all three. You can always choose not to enable this feature or choose for which device you want this feature to work.

If you are writing an email without doing tapping anything you can keep that device down and pick it off from the other Apple device exactly where you left off. This is an incredible feature which works for all apps not just email. Maybe you were editing a photo or typing a message, they will be exactly the way it was on the source device.

11. Spotlight Search

This is probably my favorite feature on my iPhone. I can search for ANYTHING on my iPhone from that search bar. Songs, document, WORDS IN A DOC, search the web etc. But now it can give you info from what app could be helpful for something you are searching for. Or it can help you book tickets instantly. Maybe a song you do not have and instantly type and buy it from iTunes. It is simply amazing.

There are a ton more features but these are the major ones that will change the way you interact with iOS 8.


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