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Apple introduced the iOS 8 at WWDC in June 2014 and it has finally released for everyone on September 17. It is a 954 MB download that needs a safe space of 4.5 GB! It was pretty crazy, I had to get rid of most of my photos to get this going. But it all paid off in the end.

Apple iOS 8 is one of the biggest if not the biggest release by Apple for a very long time. Even though the interface is the same as that on the iOS 7, the underlying features are just impeccable. They are so much more useful and it just enhances your experience. Now you can distinctively differentiate between iOS and Android, iOS just got a whole not more awesome. Developers used the good 3 month time to use the iOS 8 BETA versions and provide apps for it and update the apps that were already there.


The incredible design of Apple’s notification center has allowed iOS 8 to further use this as an extension to provide you more information. Now apps like Evernote, Yahoo Weather, Memoir, BuzzFeed and a lot of them are using the notification center to give you a feed or options to interact with. BuzzFeed gives me a random articles which I can swipe through and decide which one to read. Yahoo Weather gives me a dynamic weather update, Evernote has its quick launch options on the notification center. It is so much more awesome now. This is a huge feature for iOS.


Siri has got its share of good optimization and update. It is faster for starters, it can also listen to a song and tell you which song it is. That exact feature uses a Shazaam API. Not exact a SIRI integration but now talk to type is smooth and fast, it does not really delay in what you say and the phone typing it. It is fast and instant. Gives you more of a natural feel. Now you can customize what to say Siri to activate it and it is hands free on the iOS 8.


Camera’s app has now introduced the Time Lapse into the default Apple Camera app. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus gets the slow motion video and a lot more as well. iOS 8 camera app can now even control the brightness of your manual focused subject. Earlier if you were taking photo of the sun by tapping on it, by default the colour and saturation would change and now you can drag up and down to control that.
Photos app can now hide your photo from the Moments sections. When you delete a photo it goes to a Deleted Photo Album where it deletes itself after a set time. You can always choose to recover them or delete them all. The camera also has a timer now!


Apple gives your information about the battery usage. Go to Settings>General>Usage. You can know what app is sucking your battery the most.
The phone can now send the last location when battery mode is critical. That gets stored in the iCloud and you can access it with your computer. The handiest thing if you have lost your phone.
Safari knows when you have to enter Credit Card details and it automatically gives you the option to scan from the phone and enter them.
If you have a good carrier, they have probably enabled the feature that lets you call over Wi-Fi. Yes iOS 8 can let you make PHONE CALLS over the Wi-Fi.


Extensions is letting your Apps talk to each other and share data. The main photo app can now be extended through Instagram to edit photos and so much more. I can use an app on the Safari Browser to maybe fill a password automatically or save some content to Pocket/Instapaper directly through Safari without actually opening the app. Extensions have made my life so much easier.


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