Apple iOS 7.1 Review


iOS 7.1 is here. Apple releases these updates with obvious bug fixes but the integral ones come with small UI tweaks as well. iOS 7 is a cleaner more efficient version of iOS 7. I think it is just me but the whole graphic and animation of moving around is much smoother and now I can really say it behaves as smooth as better in transitions.

iOS 7
Now, you get a new iCloud Key to protect your iCloud storage rather than using your standard username and password. Siri has a new function where you can hold the home button and till you hold it, Siri will listen to you. This is a more manual way of making Siri work. The usual function stays where you command Siri and it will listen to you as long as it thinks you are speaking.

Now the user interface tweaks. The main thing you will notice is the home screen, the slide to unlock animation is clearer and it just looks better. The Apple app icons are more defined and have got a better, flatter tone to them. You get to switch off the transparency and you can also shut down parallax. It gives you full hold on iOS 7 with the iOS 7.1.
iOS 7.1
In iOS 7.1 you also get a bolder keyboard. It is not that light and as transparent as it was. The keyboard looks stronger in the font and when you put caps lock, you get a new icon animation. Not that interesting, but different. iOS 7 also has a whole new icon for call pick, end and everything that uses the slider- from calls to switching off the phone. Even the music UI is just a tad different with more subtle and flat icons. The UI is a much better though these are just little things here and there it just works and make iOS 7 a better iOS 7 with the new update- iOS 7.1


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