Android Wearable: LG G Watch and Samsung Galaxy Gear Live Released


The Android Wearable SDK (Software Development Kit) was released 3 months back for Android developers so that they could make it app ready till it was time for the retail release. We were aware of 2 major smartwatches that were releasing, the LG G Watch and Moto 360. And now Samsung joins the party with Samsung Galaxy Gear Live. Actually, the LG G Watch and Galaxy Gear Live are up for pre order but the Moto 360 is set for a 4th Quarter release.
We did not see anything we already knew the watch was going to do. The concept is same as what Pebble SmartWatch has been trying to do or what Galaxy Gear was already doing but this comes with addition of Android. You pick up or reject calls. Everything over the smart watch can be synced with the smartphone, you can now track the steps and everything easier with the smartwatch. Google Now is always listening over your watch and can instantly come for your help.
Samsung Galaxy Gear Live
You will have to dive inside the Google Play Store and see what all apps they have created that will make smart watch look smarter, for all there is, it just seems to be the sidekick of your phone.


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