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Before you read anything you should know that I am probably biased on this one as my family is totally pro iOS and I really love everything Apple creates. All of your might be more than just aware that this is probably the most heated up topic in recent times. Does not matter how much you know about technology but you would really love to jump up in this debate and lash out to show which side you support. I have not met many who remain neutral to this.

What you need to know

Android vs iOS
Everything around us has its pros and cons, nothing is perfect. We just seem to prefer the one that ticks more off our checklist of needs from a product. Both iOS and Android are created on a different environment. Android is based on the Linux Kernel and iOS is UNIX based. All of us are aware how much Android has boomed to take over as majority in the mobile market. But for usage, the iOS has a screaming hold over the web. That means people are using their iOS products more than Android users are using theirs.

One thing no one understands as to why Android has such a crazy number on the market share. Android is there on over a thousand models of Smartphones and Tablets from every other company that is making a smartphone or a tablet these days whereas iOS is just found on those handful of Apple products that they make. iOS is not distributed whereas Android is on every other company’s portfolio. You have Samsung, LG, HTC, Micromax, Sony and whole bunch of people selling phone with Android on it. It could be as less as a 5000 INR product and still has Android whereas we know how expensive an iPhone or an iPad is.

Together both iOS and Android account for 92% of market share as per Q4 of 2013.

Let’s talk design and functionality

Android vs iOS Design
I really love both Android’s and iOS’s design. Android in it’s pure skin is really clean and behaves pretty well. I love that standardization of almost everything that Android has. The latest Android v4.4 KitKat is really awesome in the way it looks and interacts with the user. But as compared to iOS, I would say if you give a Nexus 5 and iPhone 5S to a kid, he is more probable to get his head around iPhone 5S much faster. The whole point of that one button functionality changes everything. Also, personally I find the iOS 7’s flat design to be much better than Android’s KitKat v4.4.

Android’s made up UI can be a real pain in the ass. They provide you with more widgets than you can see and clutter your home screen. At the same time I would say some widgets can really be helpful and add a whole new awesome to your user experience.

The openness of Android

Android is easily more open than the iOS operating system. There are so many APIs you can use to facilitate the functionality of Android to make a really amazing and beautifully interactive application. Android provides you that sense of freedom in which you can totally control the looks of your mobile. If you are a developer you surely have a lot of experimentation going on daily. It is that openness of Android that gives you the power to make amazing UIs and custom skins for devices.

On the other hand all of this has led to a staggering reduction in performance of an Android device over a period of a year or so. This happens because the more the software demands command, the more your RAM and processor has to work which leads to its slowing down in most of the Android devices. The only ones saved from this are few very well optimized smartphones.
iOS does not give you so much control on your device as much as Android does. It can be frustrating at times but it forces that clean and sharp slate to remain perfect. It boosts your performance and easily makes iOS devices much more durable on the long run than an Android device.

The Virtual Assistants

Google Now vs Siri
Siri on the iOS needs some serious work. It is a really frustrating virtual assistant. It might be really cool in the USA but overall it just does not catch the accent really well whereas on the other hand Android’s Google Now can get any accent perfectly well. Not just with clean words but even the complicated ones with no problem at all. But at the same time Siri controls your phone much better and can do much more with your commands than iOS. Google Now works really amazing as well and returns back results much faster and with more accuracy. Obviously, there is nothing better at searching the web than Google, the Pioneers.

The App Quality and Development

This one is clean out to iOS. There are nothing as beautifully made than iOS’s apps. Be it any version of iOS, the quality is just perfect. Android’s app quality is largely determined by which version and which device you have. Android rather pushes even the devices or versions that cannot ideally run the app to run it which often leads to a really frustrating app experience.
android software fragmentation
Fragmentation is killing Android. Developing on Android is nothing but nightmare. Though JAVA comes off rather easily and the SDK is really helpful, Android is fragmented like crazy. Majority of their users are still around the much older v2.3 Gingerbread and v4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Slowly it has been coming more on the v4.1 and v4.2 Jelly Bean but at a point of time when the world is moving towards v4.3 Jelly Bean and v4.4 KitKat.
An Android developer has to consider more devices than he can test. Android being on so many devices having their different display aspect ratios, developers go crazy to make sure their code and interface works fine across each one of them. Then there is the environment to consider, your code should be good enough for all the versions of Android on which you plan your app to work on.

iOS development is rather less painful. All the iPhones have the same aspect ratio for the app to automatically adapt and the same goes for the iPads and the iPod Touch. The SDK is far more interactive and informative than Android’s but Objective C takes time to get familiar with for iOS development.

So where is this heading?

It is all about the personal choice but given the durability and sharp features I just prefer iOS. I even love the Nexus devices as they are more durable than the devices with skins, they also remain really clean and give you an effective experience. Android is a much more powerful platform if you want your freedom and control. I don’t think I could ever have a clean way out to support iOS but I think it is just perfect for majority of population regardless of age. I am biased anyway. Consider all of this and you can think for yourself. Leave a comment and let me know whether you agree or disagree to me.


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