Android v5.0 Lollipop: An Overview


Android, the most widely distributed operating system has finally got a major feature and design overhaul. It is really exciting as Google promises the v5.0 Android Lollipop to be available for a wider range of phone that are comparatively older right now. Somehow even though any update may give you a major feature upgrade but you the design change always influences your brain more. The flat design was incepted by Windows Phone then accommodated on the iOS and now Android has it too. At least there is one thing in the world Microsoft can be proud of.

The design is flat and has loads of colours. They have introduced the graphical transitions between everything within an app and within the phone to give you a smoother experience. The colours are supposed to blend well and the buttons look terrific with a different look. Google has released their version of each icon with the Material Design. Material Design is exactly what Google is calling this new set up design on Android v5.0 Lollipop.

Android Lollipop offers you notifications you can interact with. You can flip em through the home screen and make a quick reply on preview on the notification right from the lock screen. When you are on another app and there is a call, the notifications slides from the top and you can now accept or reject the call, it no longer interferes with what you are doing on your phone.

It also gives you a battery saver mode that, when switched on can give you hours of critical time on your phone. All the Google centric apps have been re designed. There are a lot of different software tweaks to support wide variety of products. It has new support for both Android Wear and Android Auto.  Each phone will get the update at a different time, to which you have no control of. So, don’t wait too much.


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