Android v5.0 L Developer Preview Released


We told you yesterday how Google was going to preview their Android L, the v5.0 which is rumored to be codenamed “Lollipop”. Well, it is official, Google has released the Android L developer preview. The package has about 5000 new APIs that would allow you to make the experience better.

The Android L is supposed to be the biggest release of Android so far as it will pack a new design. Google has gone flat as well, first it was Windows Phone, then iOS and finally Google does that too. They also adapt to the transitions they call “animation” to ensure smooth movement of your elements over an activity. It is just more colorful and uses depth as a new way to represent the bodily design.
Android L also makes changes to it’s notifications and I would bluntly say it is just similar to how and what iOS 8 introduced few days ago. But these changes do not get implemented over night, it takes good amount of coding and testing to make things happen. Now on the home screen you can use the full size to view all your notifications and interact with them directly. Even when you are on an app the overhead notifications like iOS 8 would pop up and you would simply reply from then and there or reject it or go to that app by tapping on it.
Android L
The new v5.0 Android L has introduced a new Battery API to have a power saver mode as integral part of Android over all devices. This initiative was called the Project Volta. Apart from this, chrome will be getting the design implementations as well. Chrome can now run all the Android native apps. I won’t say there is too much to take away from Android L Developer Preview. It will come on the new devices starting sometime around September.


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