Android v4.4 KitKat is out!


So here is it- Andorid v4.4 KitKat. Why does the Halloween release make sense? Well the name is KitKat, figure it out. And of course, something really special also sees the light of us excited consumers- Google Nexus 5 produced my LG. Android v4.4 is a significant improvement over the previous Jelly Bean v4.3. I love the face they love to keep the names of each version on a sweet treat. And man do I love KitKat.

Nexus 5 Google Andorid v4.4

Andorid v4.4. Home Page as seen on Google Nexus 5

The main user interface has not changed. It all stays the same. Right now, only Nexus 5 will be running the Android v4.4 KitKat. HTC has also told that it will be rolling out v4.4 for the HTC One in the next 90 days. Samsung, are Galaxy S4 and Note III getting the same? I hope so, otherwise it will be trouble in Samsung paradise. Now when you move in and out of an app, there is this iOS 7 kind of motion, just seamlessly sets you in and out. The dialler will now not only hlp you with contacts but it will also let you search for places to eat or watch movie and call them directly from it. That is pretty cool.

Google Now Android v4.4 KitKat
My wish has been fulfilled. Google Now has gone fully hands free with Android v4.4 KitKat. It is not the first time that has happened. We have seen it on Motorola Moto X, and it has been really brilliant. Now based on locations and depending on your taste of search, it will optimize your results. Say, you search for tickets and you keep turning to this theatre again and again for tickets, now when you search again, that will be your first option. It is just a much smarter Google Now. Just say “Ok, Google” and thy shall be at your feet to serve la master.

Album Art Android v4.4 KitKat
Now just like iOS, when you are listening to music, the album artwork is there in the background of your lock screen. Again just like iOS, everything will vanish while you are reading or watching and a tap brings the sides back. Also, there is no SMS. Everything has been merged with Google Hangouts. But, if you don’t find that nice you can always download the SMS app and use it. The caller ID now works like TrueCaller, just better. It will try to search for the number and let you know who the unknown caller calling is.

Android v4.4 KitKat might not be groundbreaking but significantly a smarter and a better Android OS. We may see a design change in later versions. I really love the small changes they have made in Android, it is not gimmick and actually help you in getting a much better smartphone experience. A job well done Google.

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