Android 5.0 to release at Google I/O 2014, tomorrow!


Google I/O 2014 will be taking place tomorrow and everyone wanted has that one single itch they can’t scratch and it has been almost 2 years now. It is confirmed news that Google will be unveiling Android 5.0, which is for now code named Android L at tomorrow’s live event. You can watch the keynote live online.

One thing you can expect Google to push is in the design. Last year they did some design regime changes and have re structured a lot of elements across all their services and it is certainly inevitable that it will brush the new Android device. One thing I really want Android to do is get rid of the clutter. Okay, I know you want max info and great accessibility but no one wants too much on the main display button, become clean.

I literally can’t think from the top of my head that needs any change but I am sure they are going to change a lot in terms of functionality and accessibility. There will be a lot more APIs for the developers to use and let us just see what potential Google is ready to get our hands to. Google I/O 2014, the stage is set, dim the lights.


Author: Sinha

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