A look at the iPhone 6 Display Panel


There is a video that has gone viral about the iPhone 6 display. Marques Brownlee, a famous YouTuber has got his hands on the sapphire display of the iPhone 6 straight from the assembly line. He suspends the phone to various torture tests.

First up, he takes the display and scratches it with the keys. Result? No affect. Then comes the knife, scratches hard and still no affect. What was amazing to see was, there was not a single scratch on the sapphire. Apple has done what they set out to achieve. This news was all over in Jan 2014 that Apple is going to create a sapphire display which will be totally scratch proof. I mean they guy even uses it under his sneakers and NO FREAKING AFFECT.

Another take away would be the 4.7 inch panel. Now you I think it is certain that Apple is surely releasing the 4.7 inch display phone. 5.5 inch is still out there, it might release and it might not. The sapphire display changes a lot of things. No more spending money on expensive covers and scratch guards. Also, what would be interesting to see is the iPhone body. I own an iPhone 5, and if you own the same or the iPhone 5S, we know how easily the dents happen on occasional falls and those heart trembling little scars.
Apple iPhone 6 is releasing around 26th September 2014.


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