3 Ways to bypass factory reset protection on Samsung devices


How to bypass factory reset protection on Samsung devices

Android phones are prone to security risks. Google has been trying to fix bugs in the Android O.S for a long time. It is even offering good sums of money to people who find and report about a unique bug in its O.S. To enhance the security of Android phones, Google introduced Factory Reset Protection in Android Lollipop O.S. The job of this security feature is to keep the data safe when a phone is stolen or lost. It works by asking for Google account and password for authentication, after the phone is reset and switched on for use from scratch. Without authentication, the Samsung device becomes unusable. So if a thief steals your phone, and tries to factory reset and sell it, he or she won’t be able to do it. Sometimes, users who have forgot their login details, face problems because of factory reset protection. If you are facing such a problem, below are different ways to bypass factory reset protection on Samsung devices.

Method 1: Bypass Factory Reset Protection with FRP bypass APK

To use this method, you need a USB and Android OTG cable.

  1. First download the FRP bypass APK.
  2. Copy the apk file to USB
  3. Connect the USB to your phone using OTG cable
  4. File Manager appears, apk app installs once USB is connected
  5. Access the phone settings, scroll down and find the Back and reset option
  6. Hit Factory data reset and erase the device settings, google account, system and app data, downloaded apps, Pictures, Music, and other user data.
  7. Reboot the phone.

The rebooting might take a little more time as it is normal for a Samsung device to take after reset

Method 2: Bypass Factory Reset Protection with SideSync APK without OTG.

  1. Download SideSync APK and install it on your phone
  2. Run SideSync app and connect the phone to it using an USB cable on your PC
  3. A pop up appears on the phone like shown below.
  4. Select Chrome by clicking on it and download the bypass app apk. In the URL bar enter https://goo.gl/iao0ya
  5. When the download is over, navigate to Samsung Apps and search for ES File Explorer and install it.
  6. Once the installation of ES File Explorer is over, open it
  7. Navigate to the download folder and run the bypass app apk setup file to install it
  8. Go to settings menu, scroll down and find Backup and reset option
  9. Hit Factory data rest and Reset Device
  10. Factory reset protection is bypassed

Method 3. Bypass Factory Reset Protection on Samsung Devices

  1. Switch off your phone and enter recovery menu by pressing Home, Volume UP and Power button simultaneously.
  2. Release the power button when the screen turns on and keep holding the volume up and home button
  3. Perform a factory reset using the recovery menu
  4. The setup wizard appears after the formatting is over and device turns on. Follow the steps as shown by the wizard and until it asks for entering the Google Account details.
  5. Transfer the APK into the OTG drive
  6. Connect the OTG drive to phone
  7. The device will start file explorer as there is built-in software during the setup process.
  8. Find the APK file and install it. As promoted activate the unknown sources.
  9. Perform the factory reset again, when you are on the settings menu.

The factory reset protection section appears because Google Account was signed in and security option was enabled. Now that both of these requirements are not fulfilled, there will be bypass of FRP.


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